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Meet the P&L Queen Team!

We think we have a pretty awesome team at P&L Accountants. We are extremely hard working, and dedicated to our profession. But we also like to make sure we don’t lose sight of what is important. We believe that a healthy work/life balance is of  the utmost importance. By ensuring that we have a good balance, allows us to always be the best versions of ourselves at all times. It makes us more productive, easier to work with, and overall more successful. Our kids are happier that we can make those after school extra curricular events, and our clients are happy that we can meet their deadlines.

We also have a lot of laughs.

Jyoti, Amy, Paula & Rachel

Paula Rizqallah CPA

Director, B.Com (Acct,FPlan)
Tax agent, CPA Public Practitioner
NTAA Member

Paula is the director of P&L Accountants and comes from a strong commercial background.

Paula has high attention to detail, and is able to think outside the box to formulate effective business and personal taxation strategies whilst working within the legal framework. Paula ensures that her understanding of current tax laws and strategies are continually updated to ensure that she can offer the very best service to her clients.

She originally started her career in the accounts department for a small horse transporting company while she completed her double degree in Accounting and Financial Planning. She was an accounts manager for 5 years before she left to better utilise her accounting degree in public practice.

Over the years Paula has built a large network of contacts with other professional advisors. She can connect you with a range of financial planners, auditors and lawyers to ensure that you are getting the very best service for every aspect of your financial needs.

Paula has 3 (sometimes 4 if you include her husband) small children who keep her busy when she’s not in the office. She enjoys camping and has a strong passion for Fantasy books along the lines of Harry Potter, Outlander, and she admits she had small teenage obsession a few years ago over some other books that won’t be mentioned here.

Paula is also a member of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce.

Amy Boccalatte

Office Manager Extraordinare
Keeper of our Secrets

Sweet Amy. Amazing Amy. Super helpful Amy. Bulldog to the ATO Amy. By now you all know her. She certainly knows you by voice alone. That was something she never thought possible.
She was the first ever daring young lady to take a chance on a new business looking for a staff member. 4 Years later she is still here and is now the voice of P&L! She is the one that will answer your calls and make sure you get where you need to go. She keeps us all up to date with lodgement deadlines, gentle nudging of payments, bookings management, and coffee supply. Without her we wouldn’t function. We are her children.

Amy’s other children include her 2 young kids to keep her busy when she isn’t at work. She is a hiking enthusiast that is obsessed with Nutella and Chicken Wings.

Lucky we’ve got Amy!

Rachel Petersen

Accountant B.Bus(Acct),
Chartered Accountant

Rachel joined us back in February 2018. She is our resident tax expert, Myob Guru and all round hilarious comrade.

Admittedly, she was a little reserved when she first started with us (I still blame Amy- See photo here ), but she has since let her hair down and now she is a force to be reckoned with. She is incredibly sincere, efficient, knowledgeable and is an absolute life saver to Paula during tax season. Most importantly, she laughs appropriately at Paula’s jokes (even if they aren’t funny).

Above all, she is super smart. Which means you are in great hands when you are with Rachel.

Rachel keeps herself busy with her 3 little rugrats, and all of the extra curricular activities that comes with having that many kids. Dance, Soccer, Tap are just a few of the things that keep her going.

Jyoti Gupta

Accountant B.Com(Acct),
Masters in Accounting,
CPA Associate

Jyo joined our team in November 2018 after maternity leave to delve into all things P&L. Like the rest of us, she has a couple of small children and understands what it means to get things done. So far she has embraced every task Paula has thrown at her with a positive attitude and a keenness to learn.

Jyo is incredibly thoughtful and a great contribution to our Team.

She handles our accidental slip ups when we order broccoli salads with bacon, thinking we have achieved the perfect vegetarian alternative with good humour and grace. Jyo is a lot of fun and is a dedicated employee.

She will step back a little over the next few months as she supports her young family, but we will still keep in touch with her come tax season!

Keeley Robbins

Currently Studying Bachelor of Business
Expected Graduation: June 2021

She is one of the most quick whitted human beings I have ever met. She has taken office banter to a whole new level.
She has no children of her own, but avidly joins in on what must be the most BORING Mum talk she has ever listened to!
She is incredibly smart and I am hesitant to tell anyone that in case there is a big4 accounting firm prowling my website for eligible candidates. (If you are a Big4, please go away!) She only has 18 months left of uni, which means we have only 18 months left to entirely corrupt her so we can keep her forever.

Since joining us late last year in 2019, she has already been exposed to a wealth of tax scenarios, and absorbed so much information that she didn’t think was possible in only 2 days a week.

When Keeley isn’t in our office, and isn’t studying, We hear she hangs out at her other job. She probably also does a lot cooler things on weekends that we get to.

Katrina Wren

Accountant B.Bus(Acct),
Chartered Accountant

Katrina is our newest recruit. She is brave and fearless and we absolutely love her. She joined us right at the beginning of Covid-19 when the world was full of uncertainty, and we hadn’t yet learnt new words like JobKeeper and Cashflow Boost. She took a chance on us, had to do it all remotely and we are so glad that she did. She is incredibly smart and is a real asset to our team. She loves to talk to clients almost as much as Paula, so she compliments out ever growing client base well.

She has moved in to become part of our little office family nicely, laughs at Paula’s jokes (I am starting to think I must actually be funny!)

She has joined forces with Rachel to be Paula’s support with 2 senior accountants.

Katrina has 2 beautiful little bubs, a couple of dogs and a husband that keep her busy when she isn’t working crazy odd hours with us.

Testimonials- Clients that love us

  • We started a business earlier this year and Paula was recommended to us as being an excellent accountant by one of our work colleagues. We had already been to see a couple of CPAs but neither really 'sang' to us. We made an appt to have a chat with Paula. She immediately made us feel comfortable and confident with her. I was very excited about our accounting prospects. Who would ever have thought one could feel this way about accounting! Since then Paula has set up our company for us, she has been there with us whenever we have had questions or need advice. She has submitted 2 BAS statements and our first annual tax return. She has helped us put a business plan in place for 2018. We are working towards a paperless operation using technology to our greatest advantage. Paula is one of those unique people that we may or may not have the good fortune to cross paths with in our lives. We feel extraordinarily fortunate to be working with her and having her on our team. Paula, you are most certainly a STAR. Thank you.

  • I wouldn't be going anywhere else! Paula has made everything simple for my personal and small business account. Very helpful. Great service!58a7bd_8f9d0551ba6d4f37b26a77a8dccab721~mv2

  • Very friendly staff! Paula is the first person who has been able to explain finances in a way I understand!

    Brit- Individual (VIC)
  • Paula and Amy are very knowledgeable, friendly, and are so helpful. Paula has helped my husband and I to maximise or tax refunds and she provides great financial guidance. We won't go anywhere else. Thanks ladies.

    Kellie- Individual (QLD)
  • So happy with Paula, so knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Very professional and friendly service. P&L Accountants always give me advice on running my business that's easy for me to understand. Highly recommended!

  • Paula is very knowledgeable in the area of SMSF and knows how to find a solution to any tax problem. She is very efficient and professional and the best accountant that I have had. She also helped me with book keeping entries in XERO...I would recommend Paula to anyone..

  • Paula and her team are amazing! Full of knowledge and very helpful. It's so great to have someone that will take the time to explain things in terminology that I can understand

  • Highly recommend Paula and the team for their friendly and knowledgeable service.

    Grant- Individual (NT)
  • Paula is so approachable, efficient and knowledgeable. Her years of experience and her professionalism really makes her a highly recommended Accountant. Amy is so friendly, organised and together they really go above and beyond for their clients. They do make a great team and I happily refer everyone I know to them. The new office is great too!

    James- Individual (SE QLD)
  • After work appointments were great, being a tradie every day counts on site so sorting out the books with Paula after work was ideal. Well priced, very helpful for a first time soletrader and quick to respond to emails when I've had questions or needed advice.

    Torea- Individual (SE QLD)
  • Paula is by far the best accountant I have worked with. She went over and above to accomodate me and i will be recommending her to all of my FIFO colleagues. Can not speak highly enough of her work.

    Kris- Individual (SE QLD)
  • Paula is the best accountant I've ever worked with. I use P&L for my Personal and Business taxes, BAS and Financial Reports. They are Fast, knowledgable and happy to help. She knows her stuff and charges excellent rates. Can't recommend her enough! Completely competent in modern tech - I'm in a different state and do everything remotely with no dramas. If your sick of the old fuddy duddy accountants who make you bring in a stack of receipts and have a heart attack when you want them to log into Xero - Paula is your girl!!